Untitled Poetry #1

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The rain hammers down upon the ground, dancing, echoing the sound of my racing heart. The sky is dark and beautiful, as if it could swallow me up and encase me in its grey bitterness. The memory of you seems a lifetime ago although you have not even left. Later we kiss goodbye and I retreat to the cold office block without you, turning to watch you leave, desperately waving goodbye to you through the window one last time. You do not glance back and see me watching you drive away, until even the sound of your engine is gone.

I press my lips together to taste you, and I can still feel the tingle of you upon my skin. I whisper I love you. My breath is a silvery cloud in the air surrounding me, giving me warmth in the cold. I turn my back and walk on, waiting for the time I will see you again.
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