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My new article for BitchBuzz can be viewed here: Why are People Still Judgemental About Tattoos?

I hope you enjoy reading it!
I'll be back on the blog soon with more Park Bench Poet stuff. I'm working six days a week so finding it hard to find the time to write for both BitchBuzz and PBP! But I promise I'll be back soon! Thanks for sticking around!
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  1. Hi Emma! Found you via a lovely comment you left on my blog. As the owner of 3 tattoos, I find myself feeling self-conscious in certain situations where I might be judged for my body art. I shouldn't. I don't judge others! But, unfortunately, we still live in a society where people have preconceived notions regarding a person with tattoos. This idea of one-size-fits-all society needs to be abandoned for the sake of our citizens. I look forward to reading more posts!