Carol Ann Duffy at Southwark Cathedral

A picture of Carol Ann Duffy carrying out a poetry reading at Southwark Cathedral
Image Via Diocese of Southwark's Flickr

Last week I went to see my idol Carol Ann Duffy give a poetry reading at Southwark Cathedral. As I had to get the train there straight after work, I made it just in time and there were no good seats left, so I was stuck in the aisle with a massive pillar in my way- I couldn't see her at all!
I had never seen her do a reading before, and she didn't sound the way I had imagined her in my head!

She started with a few poems from her collection 'The Worlds Wife' which is not one of my favourites, but hearing her read them aloud made me look at them in a different light. She also read her new poem which was written especially for Southwark Cathedral. I was hoping she would have read something from 'Rapture' which is my favourite collection but she didn't. She also announced the winners of the Cathedral's poetry competition which I was disappointed that I had not heard of before, as I would have liked to have entered it!

The Cathedral Choir also sang at various intervals throughout the evening, and they were amazing. They even sang a Christmas song at the end which felt so festive.

I've not spent much time in that part of London and it was a pleasant surprise at how nice it was- normally I don't like London. After the performance Jody and I had a look round and grabbed some pizza before getting the train back home. It was a lovely night and I'm so glad I got to listen to the person who has inspired me with my writing more than anyone. Maybe next time I'll get to see her!

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  1. I love Carol Ann Duffy! I remember seeing her do a reading when I was about 16 and studying her poems for gcse, and I absolutely loved her. And Southwalk cathedral is gorgeous isn't it? I danced there once when I was younger, so have a soft spot for it :) Just found your blog through twitter, love it! Newest follower!

    1. Thanks Rosie! Yes I love Carol Ann Duffy! She is my idol, I even have a Carol Ann Duffy tattoo!
      Oh Southwark Cathedral is lovely, it was beautiful all lit up at night. I had no idea it was right next to Borough Market either! Thanks for following :) xx