Short attention span woes

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Lately I've found that my attention span whilst writing is ridiculous. I stare at the screen for what seems like forever before writing one sentence and then getting distracted by Twitter or something happening outside or checking Instagram- basically anything that takes my focus away from what I'm trying to write.
I used to be brilliant at writing, as soon as my fingers touched the keyboard I was off- now I find myself pondering what to write, going back over the same sentence 50 times and deleting it, and just not being able to put my thoughts down in a way that would make anyone want to read them.
I have a feeling it's because my writing recently is for a purpose, i.e I have deadlines to meet for actual publications that actual people are going to read, rather than just me writing down a load of ramblings. Maybe I just don't deal well under pressure! It literally takes me a painful amount of hours to get a 500 word article done.
Any tips out there on how to stop my attention span being so abysmally short would be greatly appreciated!!
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  1. I love your blog profile pic! It's so cute!