What makes people tick


There were some really loud people behind me on the bus to work this morning, talking about the most ridiculous and annoying things. I have a very low tolerance for people that annoy me, so I tutted at them unintentionally, and only realised once I'd done it. It's not a very nice character trait but my patience can be worn thin very easily.

I then started to wonder what other people would think of me if they heard me tutting at the annoying loud people. Would they think I was rude, grumpy, annoying myself? It made me think about what makes people tick, and what gives each person the quirks that make them 'them'.

For example, until my sister went to Uni, we had grown up in the same house, with the same parents, living under the same rules. There's not a great age gap between us, only three years, but we are as different as chalk and cheese. There is even a running joke in the family that one of us is the milkman's! Not only do we look completely different, but even our characters are poles apart.

My sister is airy fairy and lives in cloud cuckoo land most of the time. I am methodical and more logical. She is driven by money and what other people think of her, I am driven by my own happiness. She was a model child and did everything my parents said, I rebelled and caused my parents a lot of heartache and unhappiness. She over-thinks situations and can be a bit of a worrier, I am more laid back and prefer to go with the flow. She's a teacher living in Surrey with a banker boyfriend and a KitchenAid mixer, I'm a body piercer living in the town I grew up in with a girlfriend and a lot of debt.

Considering we come from the same background I find it very interesting that we can be so different. I know we are different people but I believe the way you were brought up and the influence of your parents has a huge impact on the person you turn out to be. What makes me the way I am, and what makes her the way she is? What makes me tut at people on public transport while other people sit there happily? What makes me impatient and easily irritated, yet easy going and carefree?

It was an interesting bus journey this morning :)
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  1. Officially in love with you and your blog. A) you have a girlfriend (like me, before you start thinking I'm a homo hugger) and B) you write interesting and thought provoking posts. SO much more interesting that 99% of what's around in the bloggersphere.

    Lea x

    It's Such A Wonderful Life -

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    1. Thanks Lea! Yes I wanted to do something different, I love reading lifestyle blogs and fashion blogs etc but I am not good at writing about either of those! So I just stuck to what I know best!
      I checked out your blog, and i'll follow by Bloglovin!! I SO agree with you about Rachel Weisz by the way hahah I used to have SUCH a big crush on her x