On being unique

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Everybody wants to be unique. From the 'totally wacky' people who obviously try too hard to be zany and amusing, to the I-want-to-be-unique-by-following-an-alternative-crowd type people, everybody is trying to put their own stamp on things. To truly discover who 'they' are and run with it.
The thing that slightly freaks me out about discovering who I am, is that I am not really unique in myself. I am a culmination of two different people; my parents. Obviously I am not entirely one or the other, but I am only the person that I am, because I inherited my values and qualities from them.

I have my Dad's nose, and my Mum's eyes. My Dad's short temper, and my Mum's wobbly legs. My Dad's 'quiet thinker' side, and my Mum's shyness. I believe in what I believe in, because my parents brought me up that way. I love to learn, because my parents pushed me to do well at school and spent Sunday mornings teaching me the capitals of countries, the names of the five great lakes, and the names of scientists and inventors. I'm stubborn because I inherited it from my Dad. I got my dark hair and pale skin from my Mum.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, because I owe everything I am to them. But it's mind boggling to think that every single characteristic or quirk about myself is just a combination of genes and the environment I was raised in. If I'd been born in a different family, I wouldn't be myself as I am now at all. I'm not really me, I'm just a fifty/fifty product of one sperm, and one egg. Weird.

Carol Ann Duffy- Rapture

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Rapture by Carol Ann Duffy
A terribly small photo, but I have a different version of this book at home and the cover is not as appealing, so couldn't take a larger picture of my own copy!

I have mentioned before that Carol Ann Duffy is my favourite poet ever. I love everything that she writes. You know when you read or listen to something that you just click with, and it has you nodding  like a fool the whole way through? That's how I feel when I read her poetry. This is my favourite collection of hers, as I am a complete sucker for love poems. Especially unrequited love poems, which feature quite heavily in this book! The newer cover that was released for Picador's anniversary is just beautiful, too.

I thought I would share my favourite poem from Rapture. I don't quite know why it's my favourite, but there is something about it that hits me right in the heart. Like all of the poems in this collection, it has the most powerful imagery that just takes my breath away. I love this poem so much that I even have a tattoo of the closing sentence.

I want you and you are not here. I pause 

in this garden, breathing the colour thought is
before language into still air. Even your name 
is a pale ghost and, though I exhale it again
and again, it will not stay with me. Tonight
I make you up, imagine you, your movements clearer
than the words I have you say you said before.

Wherever you are now, inside my head you fix me

with a look, standing here whilst cool late light
dissolves into the earth. I have got your mouth wrong, 
but still it smiles. I hold you closer, miles away,
inventing love, until the calls of nightjars 
interrupt and turn what was to come, was certain,
into memory. The stars are filming us for no one.


Top Ten Epic Songs

Top Ten Epic Songs
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If you don't like music, I don't think you and I can be friends, and you should immediately stop reading this blog and go into a dark, dark corner to hang your head in shame. (Only joking! Please keep reading.)
I absolutely love music. Music makes me so happy. I love all sorts of music- jazz, rock, acoustic, reggae, classical- you name it, I like a bit of it. I love that with music, there is a song for everything. My 'I feel shit and want to wallow in my own self pity' song, my 'reminds me of being on that party boat in Gran Canaria' song, my 'getting jiggy' song (don't laugh, we've all got one), my 'YES!! BEST NIGHT DOWN THE PUB EVERRRR' song; to me, music is more than just a good tune.
When I listen to music, I like to close my eyes and feel the lyrics- it's an amazing feeling when you find a good song that you can really relate to. I think I feel like this because when I was younger, I used to write songs on my guitar (terrible 16-year-old-emo-songs.) As the name of my blog suggests, I love poetry, and I see song lyrics as a kind of poetry.

My favourite songs are what I call 'epic songs'- ones that build up into a massive crescendo that leave you breathless and goose pimply. I have compiled a list of my top ten favourite 'epic songs' to share with you all- I haven't embedded the videos as it might make my page take too long to load on slow browsers, but I'll link the song title to the respective YouTube video. So if there are any songs on my list that you haven't heard, please give them a listen!! (These are in no particular order as I couldn't choose.)

1. Moulin Rouge Soundtrack- El Tango de Roxanne
I'm a sucker for musicals, especially ones directed by Baz Luhrmann. I absolutely love this film, and the soundtrack fits it so well. This song = perfection. I think it's the combination of the two lead parts being sung at the same time that gets me right in the gut!

2. Hans Zimmer- Chevaliers de Sangreal
Another soundtrack- The Da Vinci Code. I adore music like this. When I listen to this piece of music, I always picture someone running over cliffs? (What a twat I must sound.)

3. Damien Rice- I Remember
Damien Rice is one of my all time favourite musicians. The addition of Lisa Hannigan's perfect vocals combined with the orchestral ending gives me shivers every time.

4. James Arthur- Hometown Glory (Adele Cover)
Don't be hating okay? James Arthur is my guilty pleasure! I am not ashamed to say that I downloaded his X Factor album, and this is my favourite of his from the live shows. His voice makes me weak at the knees anyway, but when that dub step beat drops, I totally go all fangirl!

5. Red- Take it all away
The best part of this is approximately 3:50 in. Please listen to this song and don't be put off by the almost four minute wait! Insanely good.

6. Death Cab for Cutie- Transatlanticism
An old classic- such a self indulgent song for an old emo kid like me! Best listened to while drunk, bitter, or drunk on bitter, or all of the above.

7. Dry the River- No Rest
I always want to sing out the chorus at the top of my lungs. I LOVED YOU IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE!!! Everyone can relate to this, surely?! Sometimes, maybe, I also always imagine I'm in a music video whenever I listen to this on my iPod while I'm walking along. Emphasis on the maybe...

8. You me at Six- Fireworks
The last minute of this song is crucial. Full of teen angst with an undertone of betrayal. Perfect.

9. Mew- Comforting Sounds
I wish this song could last forever and ever and ever. Full of power and so amazing!

10. Twin Atlantic- Free
Not necessarily a song that builds up into an epic crescendo, but it makes me rock out and sing along in a scottish accent. That's got to be a good thing!

I hope you enjoy at least one of these songs. I had to think long and hard about my favourites to include. Let me know if you enjoy them!


I wish I was a cat

Ginger cat sleeping

At my mum's last night we got round to talking about the good old days when you were a kid and didn't have to worry about paying bills or going to work. The worst thing in my life when I was younger was not getting invited to the cool parties, forgetting my homework or trying to figure out how to sneak alcohol into the house without my mum seeing. It's funny how these things seem so important at the time.
I wish I could go back in time and live the good old days again! Being an adult sucks!
Failing that, I wish I could be a cat. I'd totally spend all my days napping, eating, getting stroked, and napping again. Win!
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