I wish I was a cat

Ginger cat sleeping

At my mum's last night we got round to talking about the good old days when you were a kid and didn't have to worry about paying bills or going to work. The worst thing in my life when I was younger was not getting invited to the cool parties, forgetting my homework or trying to figure out how to sneak alcohol into the house without my mum seeing. It's funny how these things seem so important at the time.
I wish I could go back in time and live the good old days again! Being an adult sucks!
Failing that, I wish I could be a cat. I'd totally spend all my days napping, eating, getting stroked, and napping again. Win!
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  1. Oh god I totally agree! Whenever I'm sat working hard or fretting about my student loan etc she'll curl up next to me on the sofa and I just look at here and think "you lucky sod, just napping, not a care in the world except whether I'll stroke you behind your ears or your tummy." Though then I remember cats can't appreciate Shakespeare or Jeffrey Campbell shoes and I feel better ;)

    Isabella | BELLAETC

    1. Haha I think I would rather be a cat still! I'd be happy to give up Shakespeare for a lifetime of sleeping and being stroked! x

  2. I definitely wish I could be a cat. I seem to share a similar lifestyle as them at the moment, but I get crippling guilt at the fact I should be washing-up or doing coursework. Cats get all the pleasure and none of the remorse!

    1. In that case can we swap, I'll do your coursework and washing up and you can come and do my job :)

  3. Your cat was so cute!

  4. Can't agree more with you! I would go back in time and tell the younger me to stop wanting to grow up and just enjoy the childhood. And when I look at my cat everyday I wish i could be him. Even just for day.

    xo, Vita