On being unique

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Everybody wants to be unique. From the 'totally wacky' people who obviously try too hard to be zany and amusing, to the I-want-to-be-unique-by-following-an-alternative-crowd type people, everybody is trying to put their own stamp on things. To truly discover who 'they' are and run with it.
The thing that slightly freaks me out about discovering who I am, is that I am not really unique in myself. I am a culmination of two different people; my parents. Obviously I am not entirely one or the other, but I am only the person that I am, because I inherited my values and qualities from them.

I have my Dad's nose, and my Mum's eyes. My Dad's short temper, and my Mum's wobbly legs. My Dad's 'quiet thinker' side, and my Mum's shyness. I believe in what I believe in, because my parents brought me up that way. I love to learn, because my parents pushed me to do well at school and spent Sunday mornings teaching me the capitals of countries, the names of the five great lakes, and the names of scientists and inventors. I'm stubborn because I inherited it from my Dad. I got my dark hair and pale skin from my Mum.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, because I owe everything I am to them. But it's mind boggling to think that every single characteristic or quirk about myself is just a combination of genes and the environment I was raised in. If I'd been born in a different family, I wouldn't be myself as I am now at all. I'm not really me, I'm just a fifty/fifty product of one sperm, and one egg. Weird.
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