The lost art of letter writing

The lost art of letter writing
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I love hand written letters. (See previous post about hand written postcards here.) I love sitting down with a notebook and a pen, and just writing without a plan or a structure; writing whatever comes into my head. There's something so personal about writing and receiving a handwritten letter- it's nice to think that someone sat down and took the time to tell you about what's been happening in their lives recently. Facebook, Twitter and Email are great for keeping in touch with friends and family, but to me it's just not the same.
I've always loved letter writing- as a kid I wrote letters to anybody and everybody! Friends who had moved away, penpals, love letters, my sister, even my diary was a series of letters (I was very inspired by Anne Frank's diary!) As I grew into a teenager I started writing letters to people that I had no intention of sending, as a way of dealing with my feelings and to help get things off my chest. I used to love 'telling' people what I really thought of them and then either ripping it up or burning it (I was very emo as a teenager- I loved to write by candlelight whilst listening to Ani DiFranco and having a sneaky cigarette out of my bedroom window- I was desperate to be 'beat generation'.)

Anyway, as a lover of English in general I've always found it much more natural for me to put things into written words rather than to speak them out loud. Thankfully, since I've moved out of my Parents and became my own person I've changed, but I never used to be able to speak about feelings and emotions very well and bottled a lot of it up; so letter writing has always been a kind of sanctuary, a safe haven for me.

This Mother's Day I didn't have a lot of money to buy my Mum a nice present like she deserves, so I decided to write her a long heartfelt letter- my Mum is just like me and doesn't talk about feelings, but I'm determined to make her see the light and tell me she loves me all the time :p

In my letter I wrote about everything that I was thankful to her for, everything about my past that I regretted, and apologised for being a selfish and horrible tearaway teen. I told her all the reasons why I love her and all the things I've realised she sacrificed for me as a child. It's funny how you never realise what your parents do for you as kid, until you're an adult.
It was a very easy letter for me to write, although I cried the whole way through it. I think it's the best letter I've even written.
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  1. This is just the sweetest thing ever! I am sure your mum loved reading it as much as you did writing it x

  2. Thanks Christine! She told me she was going to keep it forever so I'm sure she liked it! X

  3. What a wonderful gift to give to your mum, I may do the same thing one day for mine, I know she'd love it too x