The Well

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Those first passionate throws of love, they hypnotise me and terrify me both at the same time. Those aching moments when every cell inside of you yearns for someone, someone who says they yearn for you too, and all you can do is hope and trust and pray they feel the same as you do.
Because when you need someone that badly, when you need them to need you too, you'll do anything to keep them. It's like you're at the bottom of a well, and you're looking up at the opening and you can see exactly how you fell to the bottom but you don't know how you'll ever climb out. And then this face appears, this face in a halo of light, telling you they can pull you to safety and it's like suddenly theirs is the only face that matters. And you want to reach out and let them drag you into the light away from your fear of the darkness but you don't know if they are strong enough to bear your weight, or even if they'll want to. Because once you're climbing up those slippery bricks and you let that person see you're depending on them not to let you fall, your soul and all it's flaws are illuminated. It's like you've spent every moment of your life at the bottom of the well wishing you'd see the light, and you've craved it for so long you don't know what you'd do if it blinded you.

How reckless and beautiful we are to keep tripping down wells and falling in love with those who come to find us.
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