Midnight, 13 Miles Away

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I love her for the way she always smells like clean washing and the way she looks beautiful even when she squints in the sun and the way she brings me coffee and bagels in bed. I love her for the way she can't help but drop everything and spill everything or trip over her own feet because she's so clumsy and I love the way she looks into my eyes when she tells me she loves me. I love her for the way she looks at me like I'm the only girl she's ever looked at and I love the cute birthmark on her leg and her straight teeth and I love how when we're driving in the car we barely talk, in comfortable silence. I love her silly habits like how she always wears navy t-shirts and how she has to eat with a certain spoon and the face she pulls when she's looking at herself in the mirror. I love her for her kind heart and her gorgeous bum and her poorly eyes and how she doesn't have a bad bone in her body. I love her for the way she punches the air when her team scores a goal even though I make fun of her but deep down I think her passion is attractive and endearing. I love the way her nose wrinkles when she laughs and how I can feel her pulse beating in her neck when I hold her face as we kiss and I love how she flicks her hair out of her face when she's lying on top of me. I love her for the way she makes me feel like I can achieve my dreams and how she stopped me feeling like a failure and the way she gave meaning to my life when I didn't realise I needed it most. I love her for the way she crept up on me, unsuspecting, and sent me spinning into some parallel universe and how I still can't stop pinching myself to check that I'm not dreaming.
I love her for making this happen and for the way she changed me for the better without even realising and for the way she makes me want to spend every day showing her I love her more than I will ever love myself.
Midnight, 13 miles away and she is sleeping, while I lay in my own bed aching to wake her just to tell her that I love her.
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