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This is a picture of this morning's Sun newspaper, with the headline "Halal secret of Pizza Express". Pizza Express are now the third restaurant chain after Subway and Nandos to be found serving only halal meat without telling it's customers, or in Subway's instance, removing pork products entirely.

The Sun has been called 'Islamophobic' for it's views in the past, and I don't normally read The Sun, but  I have to say I agree with it today. Before I get called a racist or an Islamophobe myself, I am neither of these. I simply believe I should be given an option about what I eat. I do not agree with the cruel way that animals are killed in keeping with the halal 'rules' and as someone with my own religious beliefs, I don't particularly want to be eating an animal that has been subjected to slaughter and prayers/blessings that contradict my own religion.

It enrages me that these restaurants are serving only halal meat in a Christian country. Yes, there are parts of England with a high Muslim population and I understand that halal meat is an intrinsic part of their religion, but why are many of us being unknowingly forced and deceived to partake in something that we may not believe in? Why not offer the option of either halal or non-halal meat, in order to appease both faiths? Why should one faith have to bow down to another without even having a choice in the matter?

Imagine the uproar if restaurants were serving non-halal meat to Muslim customers deceivingly and not giving them an option about what they are putting in their own bodies?
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