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On Friday I entered a short story competition called 'QuickFic' with publishers Faber and Faber to win a stack full of books! Every Friday they release a prompt which could be a phrase or a photograph, and you have to use that as inspiration to write a short story of 250 words or less. The one I entered used the below photograph as a prompt. Unfortunately I didn't win, but I had fun writing it and it got my brain ticking on a Friday afternoon lunch break so I thought I would post my entry below! If you like the sound of the competition, follow @faberacademy on Twitter for more details at 09:50 this Friday!

"Olivia held the photograph in her hand. Slightly crumpled and worn around the edges, it trembled under her touch as she stared in disbelief at the image she remembered so well; a young girl crouched amongst a flock of pigeons, the sun beaming down on her tanned skin, the straps of her dress askew. The image had been burned in her mind for as long as she could remember. The grainy black and white photograph found amongst her patient’s belongings was the only memento she’d had of her childhood, though her own copy had long since been lost. She’d spent many nights dreaming wistfully of the day she would feel as happy as she had when it had been taken. Everything had seemed so much easier back then. Before her world got turned upside down. Before her mother disappeared.
Her heart hammered as her normally stalwart demeanour cracked. “Do we have a positive ID yet?” she barked, slipping the photograph into the pocket of her scrubs.
“Karen Kennedy, according to the driving license that’s been recovered from the scene. Any relation, boss?”
Olivia shot the nurse an unimpressed stare and continued taking the patient’s vital obs.  “Just get this woman ready for theatre as soon as you can. I don’t have time for absurdities”. The door slammed behind her as she fled the room and leant against the cold corridor wall for support. She’d lost her mother once already. She wasn’t about to let it happen again."

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