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I'd heard the alarm bells sounding before, but tried to convince myself they were just the chiming of time; we were reading from different chapters but not everybody reads at the same pace. Even when we'd finished reading I would lie awake in the dark dissecting plots and characters. My mind would race as I wondered how the story would end, while you'd drift into a soundless sleep as easy as anything. I never understood how you could do that. To me, time was valuable and I'd do whatever I could to savour the moments I could spend awake questioning; curious. But you always detested that in me. You said the night time was for dreamless sleep, but I just wanted to watch the world turn under the halo of the moon.

I suppose that's why I was never content. I was a switchboard of wires, always active, longing to make a connection with a similar current. You just took one look at the electricity in me and put up a sign reading, 'Danger: Enter at your own risk'.
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